Posts: Aesthetician & Career Changers

  • Anonymous

    The hands-on and didactic were excellent. Evee and Sandra were great at teaching about the equipment and treatments and expected… Read more »

  • Austin C.

    The didactic part of the course was very informative and it made it helpful to have the test questions all… Read more »

  • Anonymous

    A lot of information but I loved it. Instructors were all awesome in their own way. Amazing no complaints.

  • Anonymous

    I loved it Eveee especially! Taught me so much. I loved learning everything. Evee was the absolute best! So knowledgeable… Read more »

  • Anonymous

    Good information. Fun, interesting. Good teachers. Eevie was my favourite instructor. She was very professional, taught good bedside manner, made… Read more »

  • Anonymous

    I learned a lot. Loved Having hands on training, made everything make more sense. Bree was the most thorough instructor… Read more »

  • Bonnie D.

    Teachers were great. They made us feel comfortable and are knowledgeable. Awesome being able to handle and get more comfortable… Read more »

  • Destiny R.

    I absolutely adored the hands-on. I admire the instructors and their ability to not only come in with a great… Read more »

  • Amanda Y.

    I’m a hands on person and it helps me to understand better visually. The practice we had was great and… Read more »

  • Anonymous

    I enjoyed the amount of information we received over Zoom. The instructors were all great. We went over the instructors… Read more »