Posts: Aesthetician & Career Changers

  • Vanessa M.

    The hands-on was better than excellent. Kelly- absolutely amazing; Kristin- absolutely amazing!  All the teachers were great! Front desk Natalie..super… Read more »

  • Anonymous

    I liked the hands on the best. That’s more how I learn. And I felt it was very informational. I… Read more »

  • Jessica M.

    It’s a lot at once but does make sense when you get your hands on a laser. Kelly and Kristen… Read more »

  • Andrea P.

    Learned so much did a great job with information! I learned so much In the little time I was here…. Read more »

  • Joanna S.

    Very enjoyable and hands on. Loved Crystal, Jamie, Kelly, Kristin. Very personable and sweet.

  • Marissa C.

    Was very informative, lots of good info. Everything all clicked! The instructors were all so great and had so many… Read more »

  • Katherine N.

    I think the teachers were very informative and kind! The didactic was very straight forward.

  • Victoria S.

    It was really amazing. I learned a lot and it wasn’t hard to keep up with. We got breaks so… Read more »

  • Katie W.

    I learned so much. Everyone knew a lot of information and was amazing. Loved everyone!!!! this was truly awesome. Monica… Read more »

  • Niki C.

    Good lots of great information.  The hands-on was so fun. It helped me learn and become more comfortable. We went… Read more »