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7 Tips To Create a Luxury Client Experience Without Busting Your Budget

Luxury Tools

Now that you have earned your laser certification, you may be wondering what you can do to not only attract new clients, but keep your clients coming back for more treatments.

By following our 7 tips to create a luxury client experience without busting your budget, you will be well on your way to building your brand.

These elements will add value to your client experience, setting you apart from your competition. Adding value will also allow you earn more per treatment, whether it be with your pricing strategy, or because of your blossoming tips.

1) Reduce Stress


Your clients are coming to see you from the hustle and bustle of the real world. They want to escape in the luxury of your space. Offer tea or coffee with an automatic beverage maker. Ensure your treatment room is in order and you are ready to pamper your client. Less is more. You will want to keep clutter to a minimum. Explain the treatment before the service begins and provide post care tips and the treatment plan for the end of the session. The best part about reducing their stress is that it costs you nothing, but adds huge value for your client.

2) Comfort Is Key


Add extra layers of comfort to your treatment chair. You can buy sponge mattresses at your local fabric store. Cut the sponge to the size of your treatment chair.  Purchase plush fabric sheets to cover the sponge at any online spa supply warehouse. By covering the legs and/or body of your client with another plush sheet and a soft blanket, they will feel comfortable and luxuriate in your treatment experience.

3) Value Added Treatments


Offer a free skin scan analysis and treatment plan. Before any skin treatment is administered, take a computerized image of your client with a Visia Digital Skin Analysis System. The Visia System makes it possible to scan the skin and record surface and subsurface skin conditions. You will be able to review the results with your client. As an expert, you can make recommendations on how to improve or preserve the appearance of their skin and how to prevent decline. Your clients will value your expertise, especially if you do not up-charge them for the analysis as a line item on a receipt. To recover the cost of the luxury tool, you will want to include it in your overall treatment pricing.

4) Follow Up Client Care


Follow up client care adds real value to your client experience. Call or text your client the next day to see how their treatment was and to check in on how they are feeling. This form of customized client care will create the long term relationship you want with each of your clients. After all, by showing that you care, your clients will trust you to continue to provide them with all of your skin care solutions.

5) H20


The element of water factors into any top luxury spa experience. Humidity in the air coupled with the sound of water is luxurious. You can purchase a fountain, use a diffuser with mist, or simply play spa music featuring waves, or the sound of water trickling down a fountain. At the end of the treatment, provide your clients with a bottle of water. While a cup of water is a nice touch – a bottle of water with your logo and phone number on it is a meaningful touch, and it’s moving advertising as they leave your space to go back out into the real world.

6) Go Organic


Avoid a stuffy, empty, dry space filled with silk plants and nonliving things. Invest in living plants which will not only look beautiful, they will organically cleanse the air. If you have a florist nearby, barter with them by providing the business owner with free treatments in exchange for plants and fresh flowers. Or you can offer free advertising by displaying their plants and flowers and leaving their business cards out in your waiting area. If you use or retail any products, go organic and be sure to use this point of difference in all of your marketing efforts. Take home products that are organic will keep you top of mind and your clients will appreciate how you have gone the extra mile to care about their well-being, even after they have left your chair.

7) Luxury Tools

What are your favorite tools of the trade? If you love it, the tool will WOW your clients, too, making it worth the investment. Luxury tools do not need to be a big investment. If you are starting your own laser business, start with IPL and BBL. Laser Hair Removal and Acne Reduction are two treatments that will keep you very busy. In fact, laser hair removal is the gateway treatment to all other laser treatments. When your business is growing, and you are ready to introduce your next treatment, you can purchase an Ng YAG laser for Laser Tattoo Removal. There are always financing and lease-to-own options. It can also be to your advantage to purchase a used machine to start, as long as you are able to verify it is in good working condition.

Create a Luxury Client Experience Without Busting Your Budget

Even if you just start with one of the 7 tips to create a luxury client experience without busting your budget, you are on the right track. When you go the extra mile, your clients will tell their friends about your treatments and there’s nothing better than free advertising and referrals to build your brand. By creating a luxury client experience without busting your budget, you will not only attract new clients, you will keep your client base coming back for more.

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