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Cosmetic Lasers : Hannah’s Story

In this edition of the Pursue Your Passion podcast, Louis meets with Hannah, a National Laser Institute graduate who decided to pivot from customer service to a career in cosmetic lasers.

“Hey, I’m Louis the Laser Guy, and welcome to my podcast, ‘Pursue Your Passion.’ Join me in my journey as we discover how estheticians, nurses, physicians, and complete career changers are living their passion in this booming billion-dollar medical aesthetics industry.”’ -Louis Silberman, Founder, and CEO of National Laser Institute

Before Hannah’s Start with Cosmetic Lasers

To start, Louis asks, “So what made you stumble across aesthetics and cosmetic lasers?… Are you an aesthetician or a nurse, by the way, or is this a career change?” In response, Hannah says, “No, I’m a career changer. I don’t have any background in beauty and makeup and skin, really all things related to that anyways. But, I actually found out about National Laser on YouTube. So after doing a little bit of research, you know, I was like, ‘I think this is something that I might really, really want to do.’ Next, Louis says, “You took the course, were you nervous?… What were you thinking, were you scared? In continuation, Hannah says,

“My God. Yeah, I was terrified. I mean, for me, it was a really big risk because I actually quit my job to do this. So, I had a lot to lose at the time. So, for me, taking that risk and not knowing if I was going to succeed or fail was super, super scary…I just decided that I didn’t want to live in fear and that you only have one life, so you might as well spend it doing something that you really like, rather than staying in a place you feel stuck, under appreciated, or unhappy.”

Seeking Work in Cosmetic Lasers

laser technician uses aesthetic lasers to treat clientImpressed, Louis says, “Love those words of wisdom. You should be a motivational, inspirational speaker…Okay, so how long after the clinical portion at National Laser…how many days, weeks, or months did it take you to get an interview and land the job?

Hannah responds excitedly, “So after graduating, within about a week and a half, I had four interviews lined up, which was crazy to me. I totally didn’t expect that at all…and then two and a half, three weeks after graduating, I landed the job that I am at now, and I’m just like, ecstatic about it.” To clarify where she works, Hannah says, “I’m working at a medspa. It’s called Elegant Image, it’s in Fort Worth and I’m a laser technician there.”

Working in Cosmetic Lasers

Next, Louis asks what kind of services Hannah provides at her medspa location. In response, Hannah says that she provides several services although her, “bread and butter.” is laser hair removal. As well as that, Hannah’s spa performs body contouring, medical weight loss…and then on the aesthetic side, facials, chemical peels, you name it. We do it.” In continuation, Louis asks where Hannah sees herself five years from now. Hannah replies,

“I am totally in love with the industry. Like I said before, I’m such a people person. So one of the coolest things about this industry is getting to know so many different people every single day. And then, you know your clients become regular clients and then you get to know them and you build those relationships…Of course, it was really scary at first. I was so afraid to fail, but I absolutely love it. I couldn’t be happier. Everyone there is amazing and I definitely want to continue this for as long as I possibly can. I eventually want to get my aesthetics license as well, so that is definitely going to happen in the near future.”

Following Your Dreams

In continuation, Louis remarks, “So I speak to a lot of people that are scared to enter the business that come from your background because they are not an aesthetician, they are not a nurse, they are not a doctor, they are not a medical person…and they are thinking, ‘Well, not only to have that handicap, but who the hell is going to hire somebody with no experience?’…I always tell people, well, any job in the world, a doctor, a lawyer, a graphic designer, a cook, a motorcycle mechanic, nobody has any experience from day one. You have to win somebody over with your charm and personality. Then, of course, the skills come at a time. So was that going through your mind?”

Thoughtfully, Hannah replies, “Absolutely…Whenever I was applying at different places, I noticed that a lot of them were asking me, ‘Hey, do you have your aesthetician’s license?’ But even though I said no, you know, most of them were like, ‘Oh, okay, well that’s totally fine.’ I mean, the good thing about it is you don’t have to have that experience and everyone has to start somewhere. So, I mean, even if you are entering a completely different industry like me, you have to start somewhere.”

“Finding your purpose isn’t only about making great money, it’s about so much more. It’s about tapping into your passions and chasing your dreams.” – Louis Silberman CEO

Aesthetician vs. Cosmetic Laser Technician

To shed light on the former, Louis says, “and I think a lot of people don’t realize that aestheticians mainly do facials and peels and micro peels and laser technicians do all of the technology…If somebody wants to also get an aesthetic license because they want to focus a lot on patients and people, God bless them.”

Louis wraps up by saying, “That’s awesome…doing all the technology, maybe with a little bit of something else. Then, the nurses are doing all the injections. You see, very, very, little of the facial world in our midst. But where do you see it? More like in the hotels and…those kinds of waxing establishments, but not so much in the medical world as you are starting to notice right now, huh?” Hannah replies, “Yeah, and for me, I’ve always been more intrigued by the medical side and the aesthetics industry anyway. So I knew that that was kind of where I wanted to land eventually.”

National Laser Institute

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