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Career Changer Renate’s Story On Becoming a Cosmetic Laser Tech

In this edition of the Pursue Your Passion Podcast series, Louis joins Renate, a career changer, who studied aesthetic lasers at National Laser Institute.

“Hey, I’m Louis the Laser Guy, and welcome to my podcast, ‘Pursue Your Passion.’ Join me on my journey as we discover how estheticians, nurses, physicians, and complete career changers are living their passion in this booming billion-dollar medical aesthetics industry.” -Louis Silberman, Founder, and CEO of National Laser Institute

Before Renate Became a Career Changer

Louis begins by asking Renate about her career background and discovers she previously had no beauty, medical, or aesthetic background. Moreover, Renate was working in entertainment marketing before her decision to come to National Laser Institute. To continue, Louis asks Renate, “How long have you been thinking about possibly changing careers and doing something in the aesthetic world?”

In response, Renate thoughtfully said, “You know what? That is a great question. Actually, for a long time, I have been on a little bit of a bumpy road, I would say for about four and a half years. Things are going really great and really successful and everything…then things just did stop going my way for a little bit. So I took a step back to reassess myself and where I was headed in life. Took me a while to do that.” Next, Renate beams and says,

“Then we were still in Los Angeles when I ran across a YouTube video of you having an interview on a local Arizona station about National Laser Institute. I’m telling you, a lightning bolt hit me, from that moment forward I completely pursued this with passion and excitement. I want to help others. I want to help others look better, feel better, and gain more confidence from the inside out. So, I just felt like it was an awesome fit. I got in touch with you guys and from that moment forward, it’s just been like a completely life transforming experience.”

National Laser Institute During COVID

Next, Louis asks Renat to speak on her training experience at National Laser Institute, as it differed in appearance during COVID. Louis questions, “Well, tell me about the training for you, because historically, over the years, everything was in-person, the classroom was in-person…But with the world of COVID, you, know, now we are doing things like…for example…we are doing the classroom online and the clinicals in-person, which actually I like.

Renata responds, “I thought it was great…so it…not only was a great educational opportunity, but I found that it provided me balance within a very uncertain time. You know, you have got those i ncredible teachers with a lot of knowledge…and I found that…being able to do that from the comfort of my own home was a really great experience.”

In continuation, Louis inquires as to whether Renate was nervous or not, “stepping into like a medical aesthetic, especially that, you know, devices could burn something like lasers?” Confidently, Renate says that, “I’ve always been really good with my hands, I love crafting and have always just been really good with my hands…so when that lightning bolt hits, I don’t know. I just felt completely confident that I could do it. Plus, I work for a technology company, so working with a lot of devices over the years and just felt like I could do it.”

Renate later said, “I have to tell you, although I was confident about it when I got into clinicals, and they put that laser in my hand on the first day. Yeah, I was a little terrified, but it was great and I had a chance to settle into it pretty quickly.

Working it Out as a Career Changer

Next, Louis inquires that as a career changer, “Do you feel like you were feeling comfortable, confident, confident that you could go out there rock and roll and get rolling?” Renate happily responds, “Yes, all of the above…I think a lot of it had to do with not just my comfort with working with technology, but the program, I mean, I had never heard of such a comprehensive program before…I had looked into other schools…before I actually pulled the trigger.”

Moreover, Renate continues to say that for a career changer, “This one was just super concrete, comprehensive. I put that laser in my hand the first day and kind of held our hand through the process. Even so, it was in the midst of COVID. We had a lot of patients coming in for procedures, so I had a chance to get my hands on a lot of…and work across devices, which I have to give you a thumbs up for the array of devices that we had the opportunity to work on.”

In continuation, Louis asks, “and how do you feel it handled this safety aspect? Did you feel safe? By then, the KN95 mask and the face shield and the sanitizing, and the like. Did you feel comfortable in the environment?” Renate assuredly says that she was, “very, very comfortable. You guys went over the top to make sure that we were going to be safe. And…the clients coming in were going to be safe as well.

“Finding your purpose isn’t only about making great money, it’s about so much more. It’s about tapping into your passions and chasing your dreams.” – Louis Silberman CEO

Career Change Complete: Working in the Industry

as a career changer laser aesthetician, you can perform treatments on facial features like this laser technicianTo shed further light on Renate’s journey, Louis asks how long it took her after finishing school to find a position in the medical aesthetics field. Renate answers thoughtfully, “Well, I took a little bit of time, I would say maybe two or three weeks for two reasons. One, I have been involved as a beauty advisor and consultant for beauty products and skincare..So I had been doing that kind of as a bridge to take me over until I finished school…I also wanted to wait until I had my state board license before I actually went out into the field just to make me feel like it was real and I was actually going to do it…I would say about three and a half weeks later. I pulled up my laundry list of medspas in the area.”

Louis jokingly interjects, “So you’re just like, Googling medspas?” Renate confirms that she was and that she, “felt that would be a good place for my skills and my talent. So I literally walked into the first place, which was right hour “X” and I decided, you know, with my background and everything, I didn’t want to be afraid. I’ve been overcoming this obstacle. So I just walked in there.”

Landing the Job

Louis, showing pride, says, “You walked in without an interview? You just randomly walked in?” Renate, beaming says, “Yes, okay, I did. I walked in and I asked to speak to the manager of the facility…I just told her who I was, that I recently graduated from the National Laser Institute and I was ready to work…I was just lucky enough that they were actually in the process of looking to add some laser technicians on the spot. So, I got an interview on the spot that day…It took about another week or so before I got pulled back in for a second interview…I would say it has been ten weeks since I left National Laser…I’m going in for my first day of work on Monday.”

To wrap up, Louis asks, “Let’s say you’ve walked in that office and they said, ‘Hey, thanks for stopping by, but we’re not hiring. Have a nice day.’ What would you have done?”Renate simply says that she would, “Persist.” She goes on to explain, “You have got to believe in yourself. Just because some, ‘No’s’ are just one more step closer to, ‘Yes.’…so you have gotta keep pushing ahead and really believe in yourself and be confident. Besides, we graduated from the top school in the industry, so what could go wrong?”

National Laser Institute

Important to note, National Laser Institute is recognized as the “Gold Standard,” in the medical aesthetics field for cosmetic injectables and laser technologies. When National Laser Institute was established in 2004, it pioneered the classroom style of education of both a didactic and hands-on format. In addition, National Laser Institute offers the most comprehensive courses that range in length from one day to two weeks! Whatever works best for you, we have a classroom option. Lastly, National Laser Institute offers its students hands-on experience with real spa clients.

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