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4 Lunchtime Cosmetic Treatments Every Laser Tech Should Offer

4 Lunchtime Cosmetic Treatments Every Laser Tech Should PerformBetween business meetings and school drop-offs, finding the time to squeeze in a beauty treatment can be tricky. The good news is clients don’t need to set aside a large chunk of time to make a difference in their skin.

Thanks to the advancements in laser and light technology, several cosmetic treatments will have your clients out the door in an hour or less!

Before you begin zapping and lasering away, you must enroll in a medical aesthetics course. The National Laser Institute offers cosmetic laser education where you will learn lunchtime cosmetic treatments. Not only will boost your revenue but also help your clients achieve the younger looking skin they have always wanted!

Lunchtime Treatments Every Laser Tech Should Offer

Versum, an all-in-one management software for the hair and beauty industry, recently published a report that found most beauty appointments are scheduled during a lunch break. Cosmetic laser technicians love lunchtime cosmetic treatments because they are relatively quick and increase their practice revenue.

  • Zap dark spots with IPL. Using a handheld device, Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) pulses the skin with light wavelengths to target red and brown discoloration, improving overall skin tone and texture.
  • Say goodbye to unwanted hair. A concentrated beam of light removes unwanted hair by targeting the hair follicles, which inhibits future hair growth. Using a laser is the only way to become hair-free.
  • Watch ink disappear. Another lunchtime cosmetic treatment that takes less than an hour is laser tattoo removal. The device produces pulses of light energy that is absorbed by the tattoo ink, which heats up and shatters into tiny fragments that are eliminated through the body’s immune system.
  • Freeze away a double chin. The CoolMini, CoolSculpting’s younger sibling, reduces fat in the double chin (submental) area that cannot be eliminated through regular diet and exercise. The treated fat cells are frozen, then die. The body naturally processes the fat and removes these dead cells, revealing a more sculpted body.

As mentioned above, lunchtime cosmetic treatments are a great way to boost your revenue. If you book two IPL treatments in one hour for $433 per procedure, for example, you can expect to make $866!

The first step towards offering your future clientele these treatments, however, is cosmetic laser education. Medical aesthetics schools across the country offer cosmetic laser courses where you will learn lunchtime tune-ups that have the potential to boost your revenue.

Become A Cosmetic Laser Technician

Cosmetic laser education is essential if you are considering a career in medical aesthetics. Medical aesthetic courses include didactic theory and hands-on clinical training for students to feel comfortable and confident in administering lunchtime cosmetic treatments.

The nation’s leading medical aesthetics school, National Laser Institute offers cosmetic laser education where you will learn lunchtime cosmetic procedures for eliminating unwanted hair, zapping tattoos, as well as body sculpting techniques that will boost your revenue.

Classroom education is designed to prepare you for hands-on clinical training and includes discussions about the booming medical aesthetics industry and what to expect once you enter the field. Topics include:

  • Theory, science and practice of laser treatments
  • The Fitzpatrick scale and tissue interaction
  • Patient qualification and consultation
  • Clinical applications of lasers in the industry
  • Potential side effects and how to manage them

Cosmetic laser education also includes hands-on experience in a medical spa environment. Here, students will put their new skills to the test as they watch comprehensive demonstrations and treat real clients to get a taste for the industry.

Cosmetic Laser Education

If you are ready for an exciting career opportunity, the National Laser Institute offers cosmetic laser education and certification for those looking to become a cosmetic laser technician!

Our cosmetic laser courses combine classroom education and hands-on clinical training for the ultimate learning experience!

Students learn the most popular lunchtime cosmetic treatments, helping their clients achieve the youthful skin they have always wanted! Classroom instruction provides you with in-depth knowledge of how lasers work, clinical applications, patient care and laser safety. Clinicals take place in a medical spa environment where you’ll watch comprehensive demonstrations and treat real clients to gain hands-on experience!

After you graduate, you will have access to our Graduate Services Department, which sends out over 500 job leads a month to our alumni! Previous students have found work in laser & niche clinics, medical spas, physician’s offices, salons, fitness centers and more!

To learn more information about medical aesthetics courses and speak with an admissions advisor, fill out the form on the right or give us a call 1-800-982-6817.