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6 Things To NOT Include On Your Medical Aesthetic Resume


You’ve graduated. You know everything there is to know about cosmetic lasers or injectables. Now you’re ready to prepare your resume and send it off to potential workplaces in order to start your career. Here are 6 things to keep in mind when writing your resume–and what you shouldn’t include!

1. Really personal information

This may be redundant but this is your resume, not your life story. Avoid over sharing by not including your age, race, material status, what you do in your free time, etc. All of this isn’t necessary toward proving you’re qualified for a medical esthetic job.

2. Salary requirements

You might have an idea of how much you expect to be paid as a medical esthetician, but don’t include it on your resume. It’s something that can be negotiated at the time of an interview or job offer. Plus you could be hurting yourself by listing requirements and not gaining an interview because the company make think you’re strict about it, whereas they could offer incentives or commission bonuses that you aren’t aware of.

3. Irrelevant work

As someone seeking out a medical esthetic job, you don’t want to include irrelevant work or experiences on your resume. The time you volunteered at an animal shelter in 10th grade? You probably don’t want to include that. If you don’t have any medical esthetic experience, that’s okay too. You can list your responsibilities from your previous job and explain why it makes you a great fit for a job in the medical esthetic field.

4. GPA

GPA is also irrelevant on a resume. If your employer is interested in where you went to school and what your grades were like, they will request a transcript from you. Your transcript will be able to inform them of that information if necessary.

5. Reason for leaving

You don’t need to include a reason for leaving your past jobs on your resume. If your employer wants to know they might ask you in an interview, but don’t waste space volunteering this info on your resume.

6. Demands

Full time? Your own work station? A monthly supply of Keurig K cups? Don’t be a diva with your demands, and definitely don’t list them on your medical esthetic resume. You could be sending on the wrong impression right off the bat, and that’s not something you want to do. Instead make a list of questions to ask about the company in your interview. What’s the work culture like? How many hours does a typical employee work? This can show you’re interested in the company and want to know more!

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