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Sclerotherapy Training for Nurses

sclerotherapy training for nurses

Even in our challenging economy, the job market for medical aesthetic practitioners continues to grow.

Did you know that over 15.7 million cosmetic minimally invasive treatments were performed in the medical aesthetics industry and totaled over $16 billion last year?

If you are a nurse looking to enhance your practice by offering spider vein treatments, the National Laser Institute provides sclerotherapy training for nurses where attendees will learn how to administer a sclerotherapy treatment, in addition to sclerotherapy injection techniques to provide their clients with safe and effective treatments.

What is Sclerotherapy?

Over 80 million Americans suffer from varicose veins (commonly called spider veins), and 75% of these are cosmetic, which you will understand and be able to treat after completing sclerotherapy training for nurses.

Visible veins on the legs, feet and hands give the impression of age and poor health. And while many people wish to receive a sclerotherapy treatment, they are unaware of the safety, effectiveness, and lack of discomfort associated with newer sclerotherapy methods.

Sclerotherapy is a non-surgical spider vein treatment in which a sclerosing agent is injected into varicose and spider veins, causing them to collapse and eventually fade away. Within a few weeks, the collapsed veins are reabsorbed into the local tissue and eventually disappear. Spider vein injections are often done for cosmetic purposes, but the procedure can also improve symptoms such as aching, swelling and burning.

If you are an RN, LPN or NP, sclerotherapy training for nurses is essential for those looking to earn their sclerotherapy training certification. The National Laser Institute offers CE/CME training where attendees will learn how to administer a sclerotherapy treatment, in addition to sclerotherapy injection techniques to provide their clients with safe and effective treatments.

The Benefits of Sclerotherapy

Cosmetic laser and vein clinics perform these medical aesthetic procedures not only because they are lucrative and simple to perform, but also because their clients receive great results using both laser vein therapies and traditional sclerotherapy using FDA-approved detergent sclerosants.

Sclerotherapy remains one of the most in-demand procedures that medical professionals can easily incorporate into their practice with sclerotherapy training for nurses. The average price for sclerotherapy is $300 per session with a typical patient needing one to three sessions to maintain their results. Here are a few reasons why you should start offering spider vein treatments:

  • There are plenty of potential clients. Spider vein injections are an excellent option for Baby Boomers who are looking to eliminate the appearance of spider veins.
  • It has health benefits. Patients suffering from venous insufficiency can receive sclerotherapy treatments to boost venous blood flow and limit swelling.
  • It’s a cashbased treatment. Procedures done for cosmetic reasons are rarely covered by insurance companies, which means more revenue for your practice.

Sclerotherapy Training Objectives

Sclerotherapy training for nurses provides attendees with didactic education as well as hands-on clinical training where they will acquire in-depth knowledge of how sclerotherapy works, in addition to sclerotherapy injection techniques for effective treatments. Training objectives include:

  • Understand the underlying cause of spider veins
  • Perform the latest sclerotherapy techniques both by injection and laser light
  • Learn the importance of post-treatment compression
  • Describe various sclerosant agents and dilutions
  • Explain the risks, potential complications and post-care for sclerotherapy
  • Learn various sclerotherapy injection techniques
  • Thoroughly evaluate potential clients with aesthetic and/or medical requests
  • Gain the technical skills to perform sclerotherapy treatments through hands-on training

Sclerotherapy Training For Nurses

Whether you are seeking to enhance an existing practice, start a new practice or do cosmetic procedures part-time — sclerotherapy training for nurses at National Laser Institute is for you!

Our team of leading nurses, physicians and medical aesthetics experts will ensure that you are in the best hands for this CE/CME accredited course for leg vein removal.

With over a decade of excellence, the National Laser Institute has taught countless physicians, nurses and medical professionals how to become a part of this $16 BILLION industry during sclerotherapy training for nurses.

The first half of each course is spent in the classroom where you will learn things like facial anatomy, contraindications and sclerotherapy injection techniques. You will spend the remaining days in a medical spa environment where you will receive hands-on clinical training. Here, you will watch comprehensive sclerotherapy demonstrations and treat scheduled clients to gain real-world experience.

Our classes are small, hands-on and conducted in a beautiful retail medical spa setting. Please check our website’s student reviews and testimonials and you will see — we have earned our reputation as one of the leading providers of medical aesthetics education.

For more information on medical aesthetics training for nurses, contact us today at 1-800-982-6817 or fill out the form on your right.