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4 Unexpected Dermal Fillers Trends

Unexpected Dermal Fillers TrendsFor most clients, when it comes to any medical aesthetic treatment, the word “natural” is key.

While dermal fillers are used in places like the forehead, cheeks and lips, there are several other areas that clients are requesting for natural-looking results.

Here we’ll discuss four unexpected dermal fillers trends you’ll discuss during Botox training at National Laser Institute!

4 Unexpected Areas To Fill

The Chin

Generally, the chin and jaw are the root-cause of why a client is unhappy with their lips and overall facial symmetry. Fillers can be injected into a concave, weak chin, making the lips appear fuller and the face more symmetrical. If patients grind their teeth at night, the repetitive motion may cause the chin to flatten prematurely. Dermal fillers administered to this area can immediately counteract this effect.

The Ears

Dermal fillers can help undo sagging that occurs from age, gravity and heavy earrings. These cosmetic injections last approximately a year and help contribute to an overall rejuvenated appearance. As a bonus: your client’s earrings will look better! There is no downtime with this treatment, but your clients should wait a few days before wearing any of their favorite over-sized earrings.

The Neck

Have your clients complained of crepey-looking skin or necklines? Hyaluronic acid fillers can help rejuvenate the neck, making their neck look younger and more radiant.

The Hands

Did you know the body stops producing collagen at age 25? The hands are generally the first place to lose fat. This results in a hollowed-out, aged appearance that can be plumped with filler. This makes veins less noticeable and helps smooth out the skin.

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