Posts: Aesthetician & Career Changers

  • Anahit

    All Instructors was very nice, very smart and professional, I was very happy with them. Give us a… Read more »

  • Alina

    The first 3 days of online program was super interesting, busy. It was great! It’s so beautiful and… Read more »

  • Makena

    Clinicals was good, lots of Information. Didactic was good ! Definitely easier once you get your hands on with… Read more »

  • Madison

    I absolutely adore Kristen she is s freaking awesome. She is a great instructor. Tracy was so funny… Read more »

  • Kalli

    Very informational. I liked going over the material right before we had clients. Kept the knowledge fresh in… Read more »

  • Anonymous

    Didactic and hands-on was perfect. Loved Kristin and Ronni they did the best job teaching me how to… Read more »

  • Anonymous

    Learning online was hard for me personally and it seemed very repetitive but I did enjoy learning everything!… Read more »

  • Rebecca

    Wonderful experience, tons of good information and a lot of material to study after. Very good experience and… Read more »

  • Pierina

    When I enrolled in the program I didn’t know what to expect but I really enjoyed it very… Read more »

  • Alexandra

    Online didactic was good, very informative. Hands on was great, everything from didactic clicked in the first couple… Read more »