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Professional Nurse Aestheticians

nurse aestheticians professionalLike you, professional nurse aestheticians toiled over care plans and late night studying during nursing school. Similarly, they took state boards, cried upon discovering that they had passed and went on to find careers in the field. Unlike you, however, they took a different path in their vocation. As vital members in the field of medical aesthetics, they work a quite different job than yours.

It’s a job you really should look into. Researching professional nurse aestheticians and the work that they do may very well change the course of your career.

Nursing can overwhelm…

As a nurse you are a caretaker. You are also a skilled medical professional who has undertaken the education and didactic training required to be licensed. Similarly, you are well-equipped to competently care for patients. 

It shouldn’t have to be said that as a medical professional, you should never stop learning. Undoubtedly, your base education should be built upon every single year of your career. Moreover, you should strive to stay on top of the game and up to date on new procedures, disease progressions, changes in procedures, and evolving practices and theories. Undoubtedly, as you gain experience and garner knowledge you will expand your capabilities and opportunities. 

When registered nurse and aesthetician Anna D. Rinehart pioneered medical aesthetics, it was certainly with the intention of making a change. First and foremost, the innovative RN worked to improve treatments, regulations, protocols, and procedures in the new field. Above all else, as a nurse, and a natural caretaker, Rinehart worked to expand knowledge and training in a growing field.

Why not let your next step upward on your career ladder be in medical aesthetics? 

At National Laser Institute, the leading medical aesthetics school, we can help drive you toward your goal. In just two weeks, you can become a professional nurse aesthetician!

What is medical aesthetics?

Defined, medical aesthetics is all medical procedures that use minimally invasive cosmetic procedures aimed at improving the physical appearance and satisfaction of patients. Medical aestheticians perform treatments including Botox, dermal fillers, laser tattoo removal, laser hair reduction, and much more. 

What is a professional nurse aesthetician?

Bear in mind that only medical professionals, (MD, DO, RN, APRN) can be medical aestheticians who also inject cosmetic injectables such as Botox and dermal fillers. Whereas anyone with a high school diploma or equivalent and 18 years of age can operate cosmetic lasers. Clearly, as a nurse, you are already ahead of the game and three-quarters of the way to becoming a member of an elite group membered only by your health profession peers. 

What sets a nurse aesthetician apart from other aestheticians?

Simply answered, nurse aestheticians are trained to administer injectables such as Botox and dermal fillers including Restylane and Juvederm. At National Laser Institute you will receive  comprehensive training including the exclusive training and certification that only medical professionals have access to. 

What are the benefits of becoming a professional nurse aesthetician?

How much time do you have? No, really, the benefits to becoming a medical aesthetician are incalculable. Obviously pay pops into your head but there are so many additional features that are just as sweet for professional nurse aestheticians. 

Knowledge is power!

For starters, with this type of exclusive training, you will expand your knowledge base and skill set in new, unique ways. Besides, you can always work a second, part-time job in a hospital, doing the same work that you are used to. Clearly, you can continue to obtain vital signs, draw labs, and administer medications. But wouldn’t it be more fun, more of an adventure, more fulfilling, to add the variety of medical aesthetics to your routine and resume?

Spa settings and autonomy!

In this field of professional nurse aestheticians, you can work full or part-time hours for excellent pay and great experience. You can also work in a variety of facilities including physician’s offices, dermatology clinics, plastic surgery practices, medical spas, OBGYN clinics, fitness centers, and salons. Revolutionary professional nurse aestheticians have even ventured out on their own to open their own spas and businesses to offer client-based services. Unquestionably, the sky is the limit when it comes to environments and options for  professional nurse aestheticians!

Great pay working better hours!

It’s rare that a professional nurse aesthetician works many weekends and holidays. Instead of spending Christmas Eve in a breakroom eating cold ham, enjoy your meal with your family this year during your time off. 

The burgeoning field of medical aesthetics is growing rapidly. Nurse aestheticians are obviously an integral part of the industry and are in high demand. Moreover, recent results from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics report that the median annual salary for RNs is $71,730. Ziprecruiter tells us that aesthetic nurses make a whopping average of $90,142 annually (not too shabby for an extra two weeks of training, eh?).

Okay, you’ve convinced me. How do I become a professional nurse aesthetician?

The process is easy and you will complete it in as little as two weeks!

Before you do anything else, just follow the listed steps!

Take the initiative, the rest of your story will write itself! 

To sum it up:

Professional nurse aestheticians are an essential part of a booming industry with a bright growth outlook. As a nurse, take advantage of the available training at National Laser Institute and become a part of the flourishing industry.

Our esteemed institution is ready and waiting to offer you the best medical aesthetics training in the country.

Without a doubt, professional nurse aesthetician training is the right educational program for you to start your new vocational undertaking. 

To learn more about medical aesthetician school at National Laser Institute, simply fill out the form on your right or call 800.982.6817.


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