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Career Alternatives for Nurses

Nurse Injector

With so many career alternatives for nurses, the options can be overwhelming. But think to the beginning, when you were in school with the world at your feet.

You applied to a competitive nursing program. With your heart in your stomach you waited for the call or letter. One day it happened: you were accepted. After years of rigorous schooling and didactic work, you crossed from the territory of being a tired student to working as a registered nurse.  

You made the right choice. Nursing is a wonderful field full of opportunity and options. If you don’t like the job you are working, there are a million others for which your degree makes you a viable candidate.

But do you want just any nursing job? Do you want to work in a hospital in yet another orthopedic wing where you accept post-operative patients all shift long?

Some nurses are happy with such jobs. They like the routine and protocols and sterility of the hospital environment. The world needs registered nurses that want to clock in and out of hospital facilities for 12-hour shifts.

But perhaps you want something different. Maybe it’s time that you start looking at career alternatives for nurses. You can’t move toward a goal that you don’t set, and you won’t discover the jobs available until you look. 

Plunge into the world of options. Plunge into medical aesthetics. You won’t regret the research or decision.

Career Alternatives for Nurses: Medical Aesthetics

Career alternatives for nurses are vast but one such option is vivid in comparison to the others: a career in medical aesthetics. Aesthetic nursing is certainly one of the most exciting branches in nursing. As the field of medical aesthetics grows (it became a nearly $17 billion industry in recent years) so does the demand for this elite group of specialized, certified nurses.

As an aesthetic nurse you can work outside of the hospital and the rigorous schedule it demands. You can leave the traditional clinic behind. You can work flexible hours, have guaranteed holidays and weekends off or reduced, experience less vocational stress, and make more money while doing it. 


Aesthetic nurses work in physicians’ offices, niche boutiques, fitness centers, day spas and beauty salons, and more.


Under the supervision of a physician, aesthetic nurses perform tasks that include Botox injections, dermal fillers, cosmetic lasers, Kybella, PDO threads, sclerotherapy and much, much more. 


If having major holidays off isn’t incentive enough to look into the field of medical aesthetics, there’s far more to entice you. Aesthetic nurses work in less stressful environments than their nursing peers. Instead of dealing with death and illness, they help their patients become happier, more confident people. Cosmetic nurses are also paid well for their skill and extra education. 

According to ZipRecruiter, on average Botox nurses (another term for cosmetic or aesthetic nurses) make an average of $76,714 annually with the upper echelon making much, much more. The same site reports that the average for other nurses is $70,335 per year. 

That is a huge difference!

Aesthetic nurses generally receive the same benefits as nurses that work in other clinics and hospital facilities and are often sought after by employers and given bonuses. 

Yep, you read it right. Aesthetic nurses make more money to work a gratifying job with no weekends or holidays and a less stressful environment.

Need we say more?


At this point, you should be ready to gleefully leap to learning how to become an aesthetic nurse. It’s time to move forward and claim your spot in the burgeoning field of medical aesthetics. National Laser Institute wants to be part of your journey. With training that takes two weeks or less, we can guide you toward aesthetic nurse certification. 

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During our CE/CME Online Cosmetic Injections Course you will receive online classroom and demonstrations on:
– Botox
– Dermal fillers
– Off label Botox and fillers
– Sclerotherapy
– Kybella
– PDO threads
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